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Viirinkylä, Rovaniemi

Spend a relaxing week as a shepherd in the most beautiful village in Lapland, in the unique cultural landscape of the river valley. A hundred woolly friends are looking forward to meeting you. Enjoy your own peace with only the sheep with you, or join the farmer to learn more. This vacation allows you to learn experiencing life right here, right now - in the moment.


Sheep farm in Viirinkylä, 45 kilometers southeast of the center of Rovaniemi on the north bank of the Kemijoki River. The village has beautiful buildings and a traditional Lapland landscape with lush river valleys. From Rovaniemi by bus (Rovaniemi – Kuusamo 2 times a day). Walking from the bus stop to the cottage 500 m.


Available for the period 1.6.-30.8.2024

Minimum rental period 3 days


Suitable for adults and families with children - nightless night by the Kemijoki banks is an unforgettable experience, especially for children!

For you who want to enjoy the amazing scenery, hiking, berry picking, sauna and river angling on a nightless night.


Private quiet and cozy holiday home by the river. It can accommodate 4 people. Ground floor 54 m2 and loft 12 m2. Running water, electricity, fireplace, barbecue hut, sauna and indoor water. Yard with soft lawn, next to one of the sheep pastures. There is no pier on the beach due to the large variation in water level (not suitable for swimming for children). 1.5 km to the beach, 3 km to the shop and gas station. Boat and bicycle at your disposal.


Week from Saturday to Saturday 500 € / 1-2 person, additional persons 200 € / person
Reservation shorter than a week 80 € / day / person
Children under 12 free
Booking fee 200 €
Final cleaning 50 €
Bed linen & towels 20 € / person


Animals: about one hundred sheep, of which about 70 are lambs.

3-4 sheep pastures along the river. Between the pastures you can cycle along an idyllic village trail or a boat on the Kemijoki river.

Daily chores:

  • spending time with sheep to keep them domesticated

  • check that the sheep remain in the fence

  • checking the condition of the fence

  • monitoring the condition of sheep

  • providing bread where possible


  • Haymaking in July

  • Berry picking, curbing and mushroom picking.

  • Fishing. The river is very fishy. Boat at your disposal, but bring your own traps. Fishing license can be redeemed on site.

  • Camping. Destinations eg Kaihuavaara 15 km, Auttiköngäs 30 km, along the Kemijoki river many sheds, Vähäoja Waterfall 5 km

  • Participation in the village's joint cultural landscape management efforts


book your holiday by contacting the farm's contact person directly

Arto Sääskilahti

Huhtaviirinmutka 154

97620 Viiri

Tel. +358 400 363 087

Accommodation address:

Kuusamontie 4672

97620 Viirinkylä

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