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Vanttausjärvi, Rovaniemi

Morning coffee on the porch stairs. The sun is shining, green grass smells relaxing. You will let your mind calm down in the sparkle of Lake Vanttausjärvi, the brightness of the swallows and the beauty of the red-colored traditional buildings. Simplicity of life is undeniable.


The culturally and historically significant Saariniemi farm, founded in 1862, is located at the tip of the peninsula in its own peace, surrounded by good fishing waters. Traditions are cherished and respected on the farm, and the animals there are Finnish indigenous breeds: Finnish sheep, barnacles and country chickens and cocks. The village of Vanttausjärvi is located about 60 km east of the center of Rovaniemi. By bus from Rovaniemi to Vanttauskoski, from where the rest is by car.


Bookable from June 27 to August 7.

Minimum booking 3 days.

Holiday in Vanttausjärvi is suitable for all ages, and depending on the accommodation option, even for a larger group! The picturesque traditional setting of the Saariniemi farm is suitable for quieting down or experiencing community - exactly as you wish.


Small cottage Onnela, located on a private beach in the immediate vicinity of Saariniemi farm. Onnela's sauna has a kitchenette, small refrigerator, microwave, table, TV, beds, 1 children's travel cot and wi-fi. It can accommodate 2 adults + 1 child. There is also a sofa bed in the sauna cottage. Carrying water from a yard well. At your disposal is a wood-heated beach sauna, a boat and life jackets, fishing rods and a bicycle. 15 km to the village shop.

A larger group (6 people) will stay in a modern Ainola building south of the peninsula in the immediate vicinity of the Saariniemi farm.


Cottage Onnela 150 € / day
The price includes bed linen for two, extra persons (max 2 people) linen 20 € / person


  • Sauna and swimming

  • Fishing, vendace fishing in September, vendace festivals

  • Participation in other farm chores

  • Berry picking and curing

  • A visit to the strawberry farm and picking strawberries in July-August

  • Visit to the husky farm at an additional cost

  • Hiking, Kaihuavaara hiking trail 25km away

  • Cycling along the village road to the shop (15km) to pick up some ice cream


Animals: a dozen lambs and adult sheep. Other animal friends: free-ranging country chickens, roosters and cats.

Daily chores:

  • serving bread to the sheep

  • chatting and petting to keep the lambs domesticated

  • checking the general condition of the sheep

  • inspection of fences

  • keeping a sheep diary

  • if desired, also feeding chickens and collecting eggs


Book your own holiday by contacting the farm's contact person

Merja and Jari Paksuniemi

Saariniementie 131
97625 Vanttauskoski
tel. 040-590 7290

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